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That perfect apartment for sale may come with a slightly uninspiring wash area, but you can fix it

March 8, 2016 by Mike posted in Dubai Property POSTED IN Dubai Property

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Simple extra touches in a rented flat bathroom can make a big difference

The bathroom is often the most under-designed room you will find in a bought property. It’s not a space people typically spend much time in so it generally gets neglected.

However, with some simple interior designer tricks of the trade you can change your bathroom from dud to dreamy. Have a go!

Tops tips for boosting your bathroom’s wow factor

Lighting fixtures: Add some unique lighting pieces. Not only are they good for aesthetic reasons but they also add a nice and soft lighting effect. Don’t be afraid to choose something a bit daring or artsy – it will liven up the space.

Jewellery fixtures: A very subtle idea for a bathroom upgrade is to add some fancy extras, like gold faucets, metallic sink area pots and holders or glittering accessories. This is Dubai after all…

All white: There is something so wonderfully glamorous about stepping into an all-white space and this shower is no exception. Sure it may require more cleaning, but it will be worth it. Think white curtains, white towels, white bathmats, white soaps even.

Gilded mirrors: Oftentimes homes come with basic square or rectangular mirrors. Take it off and replace it with a gilded oval or round mirror. Your bathroom will feel like it has more personality.

More intense upgrades for those with a property budget

Copper tub: If you have a heap of cash to splash (literally) the maybe go for a copper tub. This is the ultimate bathroom renovation idea. Or else, a high end standalone tub for a spa like feel.

Wallpaper: Yes really. If you find your bathroom too boring, try wallpapering the whole room in a fun print.

Tiled flooring: If you do nothing else, at least try adding a beautiful pattern to the floors as it will give an instant facelift to the room.

Remember: That apartment for sale was a dream come true when you bought it – so keep dreaming once you’re in!

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